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How to Make B2B Marketing Stories Bigger With Social Media Microcontent

Storytelling is a fundamentally human experience. We love to tell stories, ranging from whimsical fantasy to tense political thrillers. Some psychologists believe storytelling is actually necessary for human survival — we are hard-wired to respond to compelling narratives.

Storytelling is frequently cited as a best practice for content marketers, but what happens when your publishing space is limited? B2B social media marketers only have enough space for 1-2 sentences per post, so how can they tell a story with such little space?

When it comes to effective B2B social storytelling, it’s not about shrinking the story to fit within character limits. Rather, it’s about using social tools to make the story bigger. Here’s how you can make your story bigger on social networks:

Visualize the message

The first lesson B2B marketers need to know about storytelling with microcontent is that they aren’t restricted by copy character limits in social messaging. There are multiple opportunities to enhance social network posts with visual content, and it’s simply more effective for generating customer engagement: 44% of social media users are more likely to engage with a brand that posts photos versus other media.

Consider these steps when integrating visual elements with your B2B micro-content on social networks:

  • Convey emotion – How should the customer feel after skimming this social post in their feeds? Emotion isn’t restricted to B2C – B2B content can be visually stimulating while still sharing clear facts and figures.
  • Use a variety of visual elements – Videos, infographics, memes, comics, SlideShares, quotes, etc. Your B2B brand’s story can be told through more than just photos. Cisco capitalized on a popular event (Star Wars Day, May 4th) to play with the sci-fi interests of their audience.

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